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Metalworking of any complexity on CNC machines

Custom production of spare parts and metal parts according to drawings, sketches or samples

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    We manufacture spare parts to order for all industries

    Spare parts for Russian and foreign equipment
    We provide domestic manufacturers with spare parts for Russian and foreign equipment in a short time and at reasonable prices. We work with food, oil and gas, chemical, printing, textile, timber processing tobacco and other industries. We will produce analogues of imported parts and save your budget.
    Gears, cogwheels
    In order to increase the strength and wear resistance of parts, we perform heat treatment of the gear wheel. The parts are subjected to volume hardening, HD, cementation, nitriding and other types of heat treatment in accordance with your order. Minimum order 20 pcs.
    Hardware, nuts, bolts
    The main part used for fastening. Extensive intervals of dimensions and thread pitch allow us to fulfill your requirements for the manufacture of hardware, nuts and bolts. We work with all kinds of steel and non-ferrous metals. Minimum order 3000 pcs.
    Complex, non-standard products
    We work with complex and non-standard products, using all the advanced technologies for metalworking (additive technology, as well as 5-axis CNC and much more). We make orders of any size. Making complex details with ImportConsult, you are only developing drawings, everything else we undertake. If there is not enough time for the drawings, we can help with their elaboration.
    Beams, shafts
    Technologies used in our workshops allow us to produce various shapes and sizes of shafts - rubberized and metal (depending on the purpose) with a diameter of up to 500 mm and a maximum length of up to 6 meters.
    We can arrange for you a batch production of necessary spare parts and components of metal and plastic
    Collection of information
    Preparation of a working sample
    Production series
    Product delivery
    We collect data:

    1. We receive drawings
    2. In the absence of drawings, we make their development
    3. We clarify the input data: quantity, serial production, requirements for parts, delivery times and packaging.
    We provide a commercial offer, which indicates:

    1. Delivery times
    2. Manufacturing cost
    3. Terms of payment
    4. Shipping cost
    5. Other working conditions
    We agree on all working conditions, check the counterparty:

    1. We agree on the contract
    2. We agree on the terms of work in the specification
    3. We check the company to start cooperation
    4. We sign the necessary documents
    We are preparing for the production of test samples:

    1. Makes test samples of parts
    2. We send you samples
    3. We pass the inspection of the Quality Department
    4. We prepare the line for the production of the series
    5. We sign documents
    We debug the conveyor production:

    1. Looking for ways to optimize manufacturing
    2. We increase the speed of production of parts
    3. We carry out quality control department of serial production
    4. We control the terms of production and delivery
    Delivery of finished products:

    1. We agree on a shipping schedule
    2. We select the TC of the company for transportation
    3. We control the delivery of finished products

    Leave a request, and we will work out the Technical Request for you and make a calculation

      We have saved over 165 million rubles for our clients

      Case 1
      International company «Coca Cola».
      Business profile: Manufacturer of carbonated drinks and other food products.
      Task: Manufacturing a set of parts for import substitution in bottling lines.
      Solution: Part drawings were developed. Selected special materials for the environment of use. The full cycle from development to delivery of the series took 45 days.
      Implementation period: 05.2017-07.2017
      The savings amounted to: 1,460,000
      Case 2
      State company «Russian Railways»
      Region of operation: Novosibirsk
      Field of activity: Cargo transportation
      Task: Manufacturing parts for the customer's needs within 20 days
      Solution: Operational production of parts was launched. Produced 612 units of parts with 15 days. Transportation to the client is organized in 2 days.
      Implementation period: 12.2016-01.2017
      Case 3
      ConfectionerProfi company
      Region of operation: Ural
      Business profile: Manufacture of sweets and other food products
      Task: Manufacturing an ultra-complex stirrer shaft
      Solution: The manufacturing technology has been worked out. Special equipment for production was purchased.
      Implementation period: 06.2018-08.2018
      Savings: 860,000 rubles
      Case 4
      Synergy forest company
      Region of operation: Ural
      Field of activity: Woodworking
      Task: Manufacturing of spare parts for imported woodworking equipment.
      Solution: Drawings are drawn. A batch of spare parts has been produced.
      Implementation period: 01.2018-02.2018
      Savings: 860,000 rubles
      We will develop a drawing for you of any complexity from scratch, we also translate drawings from format to format!

      Fastest production times and low shipping costs

      Reduces shipping costs
      We make an order in close proximity to the customer

      Reduce the cost of parts
      by replacing them with analogues of our production
      12 cities
      20 000 sq.m.
      production areas
      1 000 000 +
      produce parts per month

      Import substitution

      More and more companies are receiving subsidies and tax breaks, switching to Russian components and spare parts.
      Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation on Importation, pdf

      Perform an audit of your production

      • Perform an audit of spare parts and parts used in your production, with a view to replacing them with an analog, without losing quality!
      • Reduce your costs for the delivery of necessary spare parts and parts.
      • We will shorten the terms of production and the delivery time of the required volume of spare parts and parts.
      • We produce components for equipment and machines for more than 40 foreign brands.
      • We advise you on the legislation in the field of import substitution, what benefits and benefits can be obtained from the state by switching to domestic analogues of spare parts and parts.
      Your savings on analog parts and parts of our production will be from 25-40%

        We make analogues of spare parts, parts and components for more than 40 foreign companies

        Save With Us

        Your savings on analog parts and parts of our production will be from 25-40%

          Our team is a professional in the field of production and supply of metal products

          Krotov Nikolay

          Commercial Director

          «For 5 years of work, I realized the main thing: any idea can be realized!

          The recipe is simple: attentiveness to customers, the use of the most modern technologies and responsibility for the result!»

          We meet the high demands and requirements of our customers!

          Delivery in Russia - 0 rubles!

          We deliver within Russia quickly and free of charge. In our work, we cooperate only with the best transport companies on the market. Moreover, delivery times can take from 1 business day.

          Quick order processing

          On average, the calculation of the cost of manufacturing a part takes 2 days.
          We achieve a high speed of processing an application due to the implementation of internal CPM, regulations and high competence of employees. Not a single application will be left without attention.

          Storage in stock

          While the acceptance of the goods is in progress, we carry out careful storage of parts in our warehouses. We pack each detail in protective boxes or casings. Warehouses are protected from any weather to prevent micro-damage.

          Personal manager

          For each client, you assign a personal manager for the project.
          The manager will supervise you during all stages of the transaction. The principle of one window works in our company. You will know with whom to discuss the price or request documents

          Looking for a contractor to place an order for the manufacture of parts, components or metal processing?

          Send a request and our technologist will contact you

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