Import substitution - Metalworking of any complexity on CNC machines

Import substitution

Collection of information
Preparation of a working sample
Production series
Product delivery
We collect data:

1. We receive drawings
2. In the absence of drawings, we make their development
3. We clarify the input data: quantity, serial production, requirements for parts, delivery times and packaging.
We provide a commercial offer, which indicates:

1. Delivery times
2. Manufacturing cost
3. Terms of payment
4. Shipping cost
5. Other working conditions
We agree on all working conditions, check the counterparty:

1. We agree on the contract
2. We agree on the terms of work in the specification
3. We check the company to start cooperation
4. We sign the necessary documents
We are preparing for the production of test samples:

1. Makes test samples of parts
2. We send you samples
3. We pass the inspection of the Quality Department
4. We prepare the line for the production of the series
5. We sign documents
We debug the conveyor production:

1. Looking for ways to optimize manufacturing
2. We increase the speed of production of parts
3. We carry out quality control department of serial production
4. We control the terms of production and delivery
Delivery of finished products:

1. We agree on a shipping schedule
2. We select the TC of the company for transportation
3. We control the delivery of finished products
Search for an import-substituted part
Type of equipment
Brand name
Part name
Vendor code
Full name
Phone number
Filling instructions
More than 14 thousand drawings and sketches are stored in the database of manufactured analogs of parts of the technological holding "ImportConsult". To find your part, fill in the fields on the left. Please indicate the most complete information and attach a drawing for an accurate search in the database of your product. In the absence of a part, we will calculate the manufacturing cost.

Import substitution

An important direction of the Mehmash Plant is the production and supply of analogs of imported parts for original equipment. Our company actively participates in the all-Russian import substitution program reducing the cost and delivery time for the client. The production is carried out on high-precision machines by highly qualified professionals and at any time are ready to sketch parts for further production. We can offer the most favorable conditions for the supply of original imported spare parts and their analogues to our customers for the following brands: John Crane, EagleBurgmann, Hermetic Pumpen, HMD Sealless Pumps, KSB, Lohmar, LOWARA, Sulzer Pumps, Wilo, Pall, Flowserve, GEA, Alfa loval, Sidel, Tetra Pak, Bobcat, Doosan, Camozzi, Hansa-TMP.

Work examples
Червяк по обрацу
Резьбовой элимент
Стакан шестреня
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